Stem Cell Therapy for Rejuvenation

What are stem cells?
Stem cells are cells that do not yet have a specific function. It must be stimulated and directed by the body. Therefore, stem cells can be transformed into cells in the body such as heart muscle cells, bone cells or nerve cells.

There are 3 important characteristics as follows:

  1. Stem cells can divide and renewing themselves for long periods.
  2. It does not perform a specific function, meaning they are unspecialized.
  3. Can be transformed into cells that perform a specific function.

Advantages of using cord blood stem cells and umbilical cord blood

* It is a cell that has genetic characteristics specific to the child and the family. Make the tissues

compatible with each other completely.

* It is a youngest adult stem cell that exhibit great potential of cultivation.

* The collection process is not painful for mother and child.

* Can be preserved by freezing and prevent stem cell deterioration.
Medical Benefits of Stem Cell

  1. It can replace old damaged cells. Able to transform itself into tissue cells of organs in our own body such as skin cells, pancreas cells, bone cells, muscle cells, nerve cells, red blood cells, white blood cells, other cells, etc.
  2. Helps reduce inflammation of the body by secreting Interleukin, Cytokine and can inhibit inflammation throughout the body. Helps to slow down the deterioration of severe inflammatory diseases such as autoimmune diseases.
  3. Rejuvenation Medicine can be used to slow aging. (Anti-Aging)

To repair and restore damaged cells throughout the body or for topical injections such as the face to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, remove scars, reduce freckles, reduce pigmentation, create collagen. Create new cells, knee joints, reduce inflammation, reduce pain from degeneration or scalp injection to stimulate hair root formation.

Stem Cell can be Benefit for:

  1. Degenerative disease caused by aging.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease.
  3. diabetes, diabetic wounds
  4. Cardiovascular disease. Helps in reducing vascular inflammation.
  5. Neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, spinal cord injuries, Hemorrhagic stroke, paralysis, mascular degeneration and prevent the loss of nerve cells.
  6. Stem cell therapy can help reduce lung inflammation after being infected with COVID-19.

Procedure for intravenous stem cell injection

  1. The doctor will perform a physical examination and make a treatment plan.
  2. Make an appointment for the injection at least 2-3 days in advance and except Sunday.
  3. Health check-up before receiving stem cells. Fasting for 12 hours before the examination. The health check-up period will take around 1.30 hours.
  4. Skin allergy test for 15-20 minutes before the injection.
  5. Give stem cells intravenously in the arm for 30-45 minutes.
  6. Observe symptoms 30 minutes after receiving stem cells.
  7. Get a next appointment for follow up and advice on health care after giving stem cells
  8. Discharge and continue usual daily routine.
No.Program BeforeAfter
1Physical Examination
2Body Weight / High Tall
3Vital Sign
4BMI Level
8 Uric Acid
12Urine Analysis
13EKG Complete Lead
14Chest x-ray
20Pap smear                       *** Only Female
21 PSA                               *** Only male
22CA-125                           *** Only Female
24Telomere Length Testing
(1 Month)
25 CRP

Precautions to be taken before and after stem cell injections

  • If there is any medical history, food or drug allergy, please inform the doctor before receiving the cells.
  • Get enough sleep for 8-12 hours.
  • Reduce greasy and fried foods. Before and after receiving cells about 3 days.
  • Refrain from traveling to places that are at risk of getting disease for at least 3 days.
  • After giving the cells, there may be more sleepiness than usual, more cravings for food and water.
  • Avoid outdoor sports for at least 1-2 days.
  • Avoid procedures such as surgery, liposuction, before and after giving cells at least 2 weeks. Avoid chelation therapy during 1 week after receiving cells.

Why should you choose to receive services from the Anti-Aging Center?
CH9 Wellness Center By CH9 Airport Hospital

  1. You will be supervised by a specialized doctor.
  2. Be closely supervised by nurse’s escort.
  3. Stem cells were from lab centers that are guided with International Standard:
    • It is the first operating center in Thailand. That has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be a standardized laboratory in cell culture.
    • Accredited with quality management system according to international standards ISO 9001 : 2015
    • The laboratory uses the highest quality instruments, reagents and equipment certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in every production process.
    • The laboratory has a separate method to examine the infected stem cells. To prevent and reduce the chance that all cells that are stored to be safe from contaminations.
    • Lab room is sterile. The controls are at the same level as the standards of the vaccine facilities and facilities that produce sterile drugs with clean room 100 laboratories and certified to international standards.
    • Cell culture operation process implemented in accordance with GMP Cell Culture standard guidelines in every production process.
  1. With a comfortability in facilities such as:
  • VIP car park, electric car charging port.
  • Welcome set with hot tea drink and warm hand towel, herbal scent
  • Healthy lunch or main dish by order from Food House under S&P trademark
  • Snacks such as Smoothies from colorful fruits with Antioxidants, various types of dim sum and fruits.
  • Electric bed service with genuine latex mattress, soft and comfortable, supports the body.
  • Digital TV service Connected to Netflix
  • WIFI signal
  • UV dryer for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Smart Toilet reduces direct contacts.
  • Automatic Starbucks coffee machines.
  • Dimmer lights help reduce distracting light.


  • For the most effective anti-aging, medical experts recommend repeat the procedure every 6-12 months.

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