Sleep Well Cocktail

Make the sleep to be easy.

If you are the one who have hard time to get asleep, because of stressed and anxiety and you need to get enough sleep…

We suggest the Sleep Well Cocktail that will make you relief and sleep well easily. This Sleep Well Cocktail will give you a nice and sound sleep.

Sleep Well Cocktail contains of Vitamin B to help nourish the nerves stress relief, Zinc to help reduced anxiety and reduce wakefulness, Magnesium to help relax the muscle nourish the nerves and brain adjust your mood and help sleeping to be easy. And the Melatonin hormones that control sleeping make you relax and get more sleep.

All our procedures are supervised and controlled by specialist doctors and nurses and standardized nursing facilities. This will allow customers to trust in every aspect, whether it is tools, advice, skill and safety.

Intravenous vitamin administration (Sleep Well Cocktail)

Intravenous vitamin intake results in higher amounts of vitamins in the body compared to oral vitamin intake. It is suitable for solving sleepless problem reduce wake during sleep adjust the mood and stress relief.

Intravenous vitamin administration procedures

  • See the doctor for a history and physical examination to see if there are no contraindications to taking vitamins.
  • After the vitamins are prepared, the vials are covered with an opaque material to prevent the loss of vitamins.
  • The vitamin administration is carried out as well as the saline solution via a dropper dose regulator so that it is taken in a timely manner, not too quickly.
  • After taking vitamins, you may feel thirsty and drowsy. It is recommended to drink water and go to bed earlier for the vitamin to take full effect.

The results obtained from the first intravenous vitamin administration

  • Make you relax and reduce the stress.
  • Nourish the nerves and brain, adjust the mood.
  • Help sleepless problem make it easy to sleep, sleep for longer and reduce waking up during the sleep.


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Sleep Well Cocktail