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Another level of health care with IV Drip, which helps the body get the most vitamins, formulated by Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine physicians. You can be assured of restoring health and skin.

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Supervise and take care of vitamin administration by a physician from “Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine” who specializes in restoring and enhancing health with quality.

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Quality control by a pharmacist from importing, storing and managing vitamins to maintain the highest quality.

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Pay attention to every step of the service, ready to take care of you with nurses, a team of professionals in the room to provide vitamins in particular.

Let’s get to know “Anti-aging medicine” Good for your mind, Good for your health

Anti-aging medicine is a new field of science for many people. But in this era where people turn to health and beauty more and more, we are searching for various ways to keep us healthy and look younger. Of course, we cannot reverse aging or stop our aging by the laws of time, but we do study and discover a science that is close to our goal of slowing down aging. That is, Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.

Anti-aging medicine is a science that focuses on taking care of before getting sick so that we can all have a good quality of life until the end of our lives.

If 55 years ago, our average lifespan was about 57 years. Today’s life expectancy is about 75 years, an increase of nearly 20 years due to medical advances. This makes the chances of dying from infectious diseases much less compared to the past. When human beings can live longer, we have to face diseases caused by the deterioration of the body instead, such as

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Hyperlipidemia, etc.

We find it more difficult to manage the problem once the disease is present than to prevent it. It’s like trying to fix a broken car. No matter how it is repaired, it will never be the same, which is different from taking the car to the service center for regular inspections, its service life is longer.

Taking care of the body in anti-aging medicine, we mainly focus on prevention like regular health check-ups, but the difference is there will be more in-depth examinations than general health checks because we do not come to check for disease alone, anti-aging medicine will examine whether there is anything in our body that is lacking that needs to be supplemented or there are risks to be aware of that may affect long-term health. If we know first before we have the disease and hurry to prevent it, it will work better, focusing on taking care of ourselves from within. If the inside is good, the outside will look better too.

What does anti-aging medicine check?

In addition to basic lab tests to look at liver function, kidneys, sugar, fat, blood cell integrity, we will have more in-depth examinations such as
To determine which vitamins are deficient and which are excessive in our blood. It is very important. Many people take vitamins without ever checking their blood levels, causing some vitamins to be deficient but not supplementing while others have too much. Especially in the elderly, the more you need to be careful, as they can’t digest too much, causing negative effects on their body if they don’t take the right vitamin doses.

Therefore, consulting a doctor before taking vitamin supplementation in the elderly with underlying medical conditions is a good thing to do.

In addition, some symptoms such as feeling tired easily even the general health check is normal may come from some lifestyle habits that result in abnormal hormones in the body, which we can find from the hormone level examination to allow your doctor to recommend a course of action to improve your symptoms.

What kinds of symptoms indicate that you should have a check?

Anti-aging medicine is a preventive measure before the onset of disease, so people without symptoms can actually come in for a checkup like an annual health check.

For those who have begun to have symptoms of deterioration of the body, such as:

  • Tired and exhausted
  • Sick often
  • Easy to catch a cold

This group indicates that the body has begun to protest. You should find out what behaviors are likely to bring your body back into balance. The doctor acts as a coach while the patient is responsible for performing the best results.


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